Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol cover
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Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol

Two treasure hungry adventures set out on an epic journey to the heart of Amazonia. Navigate 60 levels of treacherous co-op and online platform puzzles. In the forbidden Temple of the Lost Idol will our heroes find the riches they set out for? Or will they never be heard from again??
発売日 Coming soon
  • Windows
開発者a jolly corpse
プレイ人数 1-2
  • 英語
  • スペイン語




Join the adventurous Wyv and the cunning Keep on their most epic journey yet! Deep in the heart of the jungles of Amazonia, lies a sacred and priceless treasure: The Lost Idol. But guarding this revered icon of the native people is a mysterious and dangerous temple. Navigate the temple through 60 levels of intense co-op and online gameplay. One adventurer isn't enough, though! You must learn to work together and use one another to solve the puzzles that await. Players must jump on one another to reach new platforms, or use each other to fill gaps in the path. Literally dozens of types of obstacles stand between our heroes and their goal. Can they learn to work together to survive? Features:
  • 60 progressively difficult levels of platform puzzles.
  • An indepth and organic tutorial system.
  • A surprisingly deep story, for those willing to explore and discover it.
  • Local and online 2 player Co-Op play.
  • A full map editor, allowing players to create, share and play their own levels!
kawa 3 years


CPU: 1 ghz processor
RAM: 512mb RAM
Others: Internet connection for online play


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